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October 28th - 30th, 2016
Camp Ramblewood2564 Silver Rd, Darlington, MD
Countdown To Nightmare 2016

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Area 51
Area 51 takes homage to the classic Sci-Fi thriller “Alien” and throws you directly into the Queens Nest aboard the USS Ramblewood. Your Mission: To enter the Queen’s chambers and party hard in the quarantine zone! Music goes from noon to 10pm and afterhours activities include Alien inspired cold drinks, video games w/ classic console Alien titles, and late night movie viewings of all 5 Alien films.
Camp Kink
Camp Kink is a safe haven for individuals to learn about alternative lifestyles, activities, and concepts. With a focus on consent, workshops will help the curious learn how to explore their inner desires in a safe and sane way.
Nightmare Festival is one of the only Halloween camping experiences on the east coast. Camp Ramblewood is also an amazing site with plenty to explore. There is no fee to pitch at a tent & campers are welcome to stay until 3pm on the festival exit day.
Costume Contests
Show off your creativity! Enter the festival's costume contest between 3pm - 7pm on Saturday Oct 29th at the Information Booth located in the main vendor area. You'll have your picture taken and write down your information. Winners will be decided by midnight that night and contacted for their prizes. Multiple other costume contests will take place during the festival, hosted by some of our merchandise vendors.
Costume Contests
There will be two official costume contests this year! Stop by the info booth from 4pm - 12am on Saturday, Oct 28th to have your photo taken & leave your information. Winners will be contacted by text and will receive a pair of tickets to Big Dub Festival 2017. Then join the Costume Pageant in The Freakshow (barn) from 12:30pm - 2pm and show us what you got.
Ghouls On Parade
Join the costume parade with hundreds of other costumed ghouls, led by a group of art cars & LED object manipulators. The parade will congregate along the road in front of Cabins 17 & 18 and march towards The Void.
Live Grafitti Art Installations
Come watch as artists paint massive murals to commemorate this year’s festival. Graffiti artists, and illustrators alike will be working together to make amazing art throughout the entire festival grounds. Featured artists include: Kater, Snare, and more!
Live Performers
Live action is created throughout the campgrounds & on each stage with performances hosted by the talented Electrocute troupe. Email electrocuteentertainment@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the showcase.
Pumpkin Carving
Your Halloween weekend wouldn't be complete if you didn't carve a pumpkin! Visit the Fumkin Pumpkins booth on the blacktop near The Freakshow, across from cabin 1 for pumpkin carving from 1pm - 8pm on Friday, Oct 27th and from 12pm - 6pm on Saturday, Oct 28th
Pumpkin Patches
It wouldn't be Halloween without some creative pumpkin carving! See our clever & creative designs on display throughout the grounds leading from The Void and through the Night Circus towards the Freak Show.
Sober Meetings
If you would like support in choosing to experience Nightmare Festival without drugs or alcohol, consider pitching your tent at Sober Camp! The area is designed to provide a home base for those who would like to participate in a clean and sober experience. The sober camping area will be located about 50 feet in front of the entrance to Cabin U. There will also be meetings hosted at the pavilion at 4pm on Friday Oct 28th and 1pm on Saturday October 29th to help connect sober individuals. This is not affiliated with AA, NA, or any other organized recovery group. It is simply a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying musical events in a clean and sober environment. This community takes no position on each individual’s choices. It is an option to offer support to those who seek a common priority of sober living and hold two support meetings daily. The pavilion & Sober Camp will be noted on the Nightmare Festival site map.
T-Rex Run
Bust out your inflatable T-Rex costume and join us for a run from the road in front of Cabin G across the campground to Cabin 10 then into TheVOID (warehouse) for a T-Rex dance fest. The T-Rex run will take place at 3pm on Saturday, October 29th.
The Freak Show
The freaks come out at night & enter into the mouth of madness! Find the Freak Show at the end of the path past the Night Circus, located inside the barn. This stage runs late into the night/early morning with a myriad of musical styles ranging from techno to trance and house in the late hours and styles like hardstyle and drum & bass in the early evening hours.
The Night Circus
One of our largest installation areas features a Ringmaster's platform surrounded by creepy circus props such as The Kissing Booth and the live Jack In The Box. Performers & magicians congregate in this area in the evening hours to provide shows & entertainment.
The Tunnel
The Tunnel is the perfect place to get your photo taken or simply a nice attraction to pass through on your way to or from The Night Circus & Freak Show.
The Void
Lose yourself in a 360 degree immersive decoration experience with music from the festivals headlining acts. Music starts early & goes late in The Void. Disclaimer: county noise ordinance begins at 11pm. Music levels will be lowered at 11pm in observation of this ordinance, however all headline acts will conclude prior to the ordinance.

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