Enter The Night Circus

Ladies & gentlemen, step right up and witness something you have never seen before or dreamed before!  Do you want to be wildly entertained?  Well they say that things aren’t always what they seem to be – even your greatest fantasies.  Witness as Ringmaster Spooky of ELECTROCUTE seduces your senses, orchestrating the greatest talent performances of the festival right in middle of The Night Circus.

Feast your eyes on such wonders as:

Luna the Painproof Sideshow Siren
Tori the Contortionist Harlequin
Eyrie Twilight’s Occult Burlesque
Madam Lola & Dianna Harem of Pole Ballet & Acrobatics
The Dragonbreathers Conclave
Samsara’s En Pointe Broken Ballerinas
Binx & Jinx Circus Juggling & Balancing
Shadow Storytelling & Dancers
Magical Feats of Prestidigitation by David London
Choreographed variety acts such as “Phoenix’s Rise From The Ashes” and the Synesthesia LED Glow Performance

Your experience in the Night Circus would also not be complete if you didn’t make a pit stop to get your fortunes told by Spooky & Eyrie or free popcorn and cotton candy.  Full performance schedule will be released in both the online & printed guides along with set times & other information.