Everything You Need To Know For Nightmare

Hello Ghouls!  Welcome to the fourth annual Nightmare Festival at Camp Ramblewood.  So you got your ticket but there is much for you to know & be aware of in order to establish the foundation for having the time of your life this weekend.  Please read everything below & take appropriate note!

Being prepared is sexy and often times not being prepared (especially at a fall festival) can prevent you from having a good time.   CLICK HERE to read our preparation tips.  If you are still looking for a ride or have space left in your vehicle to offer to someone then CLICK HERE for our RideShare program.  We cannot stress how important it is to observe the weather.  This weekend will be our warmest Nightmare Festival yet but it is STILL COLD, not to mention there is a bit of rain expected on Saturday night based on a recent forecast – so be smart and weather-proof your tent as well as yourself (ponchos, umbrellas, etc)

The festival is at Camp Ramblewood at 2564 Silver Rd, Darlington MD.  Upon reaching the event you’ll be greeted by a parking lot manager.  You’ll pay $20 to park your car and then proceed onward towards the registration area.  Your tickets will be scanned from your car and your ID’s will also be checked.  Be sure to have everything ready so you do not back up traffic.  If you have willcall or VIP then you will ask to be directed to the willcall desk where you will temporarily park, register, then proceed to permanent parking.

Your car will be searched just prior to parking.  Please be sure you do not have any prohibited items.  Anything on the prohibited list will be confiscated with no promise of return.  CLICK HERE to read the prohibited items list.

Finding Your Campsite
Camping is simple!  The walk from parking is between 2-5 minutes at the most and camping is located between the stage areas.  See the map below.

Being Safe & Don’t Be A Dick
Don’t party recklessly.  You don’t want to be someone who ends up in the medical tent, or worse – the hospital.  Respect your body but also respect everyone around you.  We all came here to have a good time, so don’t be a dick.  That means everything from not make rude or aggressive comments to one another to throwing trash on the ground or leaving campsites a mess.  While we maintain a relaxed atmosphere, we will not tolerate people who are acting like a dick nor will we hesitate to remove those behaving as such.  If you run across someone who is being a huge dick, please report it to someone with authority.  The Info Booth in Vendors Village is an easy place to report any issues but so is Sanctuary, EMS, security, or your friendly Camp Counselors.

Camp Counselors
These are our on-foot customer service reps.  Their job is to make sure you are safe & happy but to also report anything that could be bothersome to the festival or the attendees.  They will most likely come to introduce themselves to you so be nice & exchange a hug… they are there for YOU.

Set Times
Catch your favorite artists!  Check out our set times when you CLICK HERE Be sure to hit the stages early too!  Harford County has an 11pm noise curfew.  After 11pm the stages will operate at a volume reduction.  We will however operate the stages all night as per the set times.

Leave No Trace
YOU are responsible for your own actions and YOU are a guest of the venue.  Respect the property as such and always leave no trace that we were ever there.  This means leave the venue as you found it and plan to pack up all trash from your campsite and dispose of it at the dumpster near the white house near the barn.  When cleaning up camp you are expected to clean all trash within five feet outside of where you camped.  If your neighbor was messy then call them out nicely on it.  We’re in this together.

Self Reliance
Again…don’t be a dick.  That means be prepared.  Come with enough cash, enough food, a gameplan for weather, etc.  Don’t rely on everyone around you for your survival.

The Info Booth / Lost & Found
Located in the main vendor village.  Get set times or updates, buy firewood ($10/$20), and turn in or retrieve lost & found items.  All lost & found must be redeemed on site by 3PM on Sunday from the Info Booth.

Prohibited Items, Do’s & Don’ts, and Other Usefulness
Get all the information you may have missed by visiting our info page when you CLICK HERE.  You can also see our FAQ when you CLICK HERE