Packing & Camping Tips

Get the most out of your Nightmare Festival camping experience by being prepared!  These tips can help you to have an amazing time, but ignoring them could put you in some sticky situations.  The first thing to understand is that this is a FALL festival and despite our cheery weather outlook, it can get cold and you can be exposed to the elements.

      Clothing Tips:

  • Wear your costumes & have fun but keep in mind that temperatures drop at sundown and reach their lows between 3-8am
  • Bring winter gear.  Hats, gloves & scarves will help you retain body heat during the cold hours.  A hoodie, shaw, or sweatshirt is simply not enough.
  • Wear appropriate shoes.  Your feet are a primary escape route for heat to leave your body.  Wear shoes & socks, especially in later hours.
  • Bring a poncho and umbrella in case of rain.

Camping & Tenting Tips:

  • TARPS!  A tarp will protect your tent from getting wet in the event of any sudden rain.  It also pads you against the cold ground.
  • Sleep on top of blankets.  Blankets help insulate the bottom of your tent from the cold ground.
  • Sleep inside an actual sleeping bag.  Sleeping bags are made to contain body heat.  Ever wonder how people camp in below freezing temperature?  This is how.  Thankfully it won’t get THAT cold but there is a major difference between just wrapping up in blankets and zipping yourself in a sleeping bag.  You’ll even thank us later!
  • Dress in layers for bed to stay warm.
  • Cover your head or wear a hat to bed to stay warm.
  • Cuddle up with someone.  Body heat helps during cold temperatures.

Comprehensive Packing List For Camping Survival:

• Flashlight
• Canteen / Camelbak / Reusable cup
• Garbage Bags (Nightmare is a 100% Leave No Trace Event)
• Extra Car Keys
• PHONE + wall & car charger
• ID + backup ID
• CASH – more than you think you will need
• Credit card/Debit card – There is an ATM onsite
• Proof of health insurance/AAA card
• Tickets or printed email confirmation
Hand sanitizer & wet wipes


Keep In Your Car Packing List

• ID
• Wallet
• House Keys
• Jumper Cables
• Leave yourself a clean change of clothes, fresh socks, a little bit of cash for tolls and a couple of granola bars in your car for the ride home