A Unique New Way To Camp at Nightmare Festival

Here’s a new group camping option that will give you some ease & piece of mind.  The QUBE Tent Experience is great for anyone who wishes to save themselves the hassle of finding a good tent for an affordable price that not only blocks out the sun but is guaranteed weatherproof.  That’s not to mention the time it takes to properly set up and tear down your tent as well as the room it takes up in your vehicle when you could have more room to carpool with friends!

Here are the main sticking points to why booking at QUBE tent this year may be of interest to you:

  • Fits up to 4 people per tent
  • Multiple tents can be connected for larger groups
  • Setup & teardown is included
  • Tent has USB solar charger w/ charging window
  • Black interior design blocks out sunlight, allowing you to sleep longer & with more privacy
  • Comes with internal storage pockets and velcro hooks
  • Save yourself time on setup & teardown, plus it will be done properly!
  • Saves you space in your vehicle
  • Ensures you have a very high quality tent that is weatherproof!

PRICING – $174+/night
That’s as low as $87/person for the weekend
QUBE tents are priced based on quadruple (4 person) occupancy. Admission must be purchased separately.  Payment plans are also available through the Unity Travel website.