Everything You Need to Know About Nightmare At Four Quarters

Nightmare Festival has moved to Four Quarters and its important for you to know how the site will be set up.  Many people are used to other festivals at this venue such as Big Dub Festival, however Nightmare will be its own unique setup – a completely different configuration.  Please read below so you can make decisions about where to camp & what upgrades to get!

Stages, Locations & Camping Areas

New Camp, Premium Camping
and is the location of ALL STAGES, FOOD VENDING, and ENTERTAINMENT on the New Camp Playa.  Two main stages will reside in the New Camp field and another inside the Old Forest.  One of the New Camp Playa stages will be open air and the other will be a heated tent.  The area in front of The Void (open air stage) will have standing space for 3000 people while the Gateway To Hell (heated tent) will have capacity for up to 2000 people.  The open air stage will have a massive heated tent at the back of the dancefloor which will also have sitting areas & standing space for another 1000 people.  DON’T WORRY THOUGH!  While we have all of this space, we are going to keep ticket sales hard capped and we will not oversell as we want everyone to be comfortable.  This just means there’s plenty of space! New Camp is located one half mile North of the intersection of PA RT-26 and RT-484, Parking in New Camp is located just across PA RT26 within easy proximity to tenting areas.

Hilltop Camp
is also available for camping and is has ticketing designed for anyone who is attending Nightmare Festival on a budget.

Car Camping
is located in a new, spacious field with plenty of space for tents and vehicles which resides close to Hilltop Camp.  All patrons must have a Hilltop wristband to car camp.  A separate car camping pass is required for your vehicle which must be purchased as an add-on.

Main Camp, Premium Camping
is very special for NightMare, as it is where Four Quarters holds it’s traditional Samhain celebration. Main Camp is quiet and respectful, and of course include access to flush toilets and hot showers. All Main Camp registrations include an invitation to the Four Quarters Samhain Celebration, an additional $15 pre-registration will include their famous “Feast of The Dead,” Saturday night.

Shuttle Service
will run on hard-top roads between all of these locations from 11am on Friday & Saturday until 3am each night.  These are different shuttles than what you may have experienced at Big Dub and will set the tone for how we move people around in the future.  A full fleet will be available to make sure you do not have to wait to get from Hilltop to New Camp and vice versa.

Warmth Preparations
Nightmare Festival, regardless of its location, has the tendency to be cold in the late evening hours.  We will be creating bonfires around New Camp which will be approximately 15ft in height and all patrons are encouraged to bring their own fire pits.  Wood is available for sale on site.  The best way to stay warm in a tent in the fall is to invest in a small tent heater.  There are units that cost less than $40 that you can get at any camping store.  Pair this with a proper sleeping bag and you will be warm all through the night.  Keep in mind that there are camping festivals in other states (like Vermont) where people camp in subzero temperatures.  It’s all about preparation!  We will have heated tents available for the public to hang out and bonfires but you will be responsible for your own warmth when you retire back to your tents – so please listen to our advice! <3

Day Tickets
We do not offer “day tickets” since the festival is 24 hours.  If you can only attend for one day then you may want to look at Saturday as there is a “Saturday Only” option.  Otherwise to attend on Friday alone will require a pass for the full weekend.

NEW CAMP:  In the woods or on the field, this is the closest to the action.  All stages, food vendors, and merchants are located here. Registration and Parking for New Camp is located across Route 26.  The highway will be equipped with crossing guards, lights, and signage in accordance with Department of Transportation safety procedures/protocol.  Our shuttle will convoy you and your luggage into New Camp.

HILLTOP CAMP:  This is the 2nd closest to the action and the most affordable for anyone on a budget.  Our shuttle will convey you to the New Camp Playa. General Parking is located just below Hilltop Camp.

MAIN CAMP:  This is the furthest from the action but comes with a lot of additional benefits that the other sites don’t have which includes flushable toilets as well as showers.  All Main Camp registrations include an invitation to Four Quarters Samhain celebration, with a $15 pre-registration for their “Feast of The Dead.” Our shuttle will convey you to the New Camp Playa. Anyone camping in Main Camp may drop their luggage off at their sites on Thursday or Friday until 7PM and proceed to the general parking lot in Hilltop.

CAR CAMP: Located in a new flat, spacious area below the HillTop and parking areas. Our shuttle will convey you to the New Camp Playa.



Nightmare 2018 Map