Nightmare Festival Group Cabins On Sale July 19th

The best way to do Nightmare Festival is with a group cabin.  Spend the weekend in comfort with all of your best friends.  The price of a cabin includes admission for everyone staying in the cabin up to the number of beds in the cabin.  The price also includes TempurPedic beds, bathrooms, showers, and electricity.

While the cabin price only admits guests up to the number of beds in the cabin there is no regulations against having your friends who bought general admission from joining you.  Think about all the epic possibilities!

Cabins are currently on sale privately as guests who previously rented cabins in the past get first pick if they plan to return.  The following is a list of prices for the cabins expected to be available on July 19th.

13 person – $2400
10 person – $1900
7 person – $1330

NOTE:  7-person cabins are a part of a quad which connects to three other cabins and they have a very large shared bathroom.   The 10-person cabins on the block of cabins G-N do have have a private bathroom but there are two large shared bathrooms on the row.