Oct 19 & 20, 2019
The AnthemWashington DC
Countdown To Nightmare 2019

Core Principles

Nightmare Festival is known for it’s energetic, fun, loving, and respectful crowd.  Those who participate in all that there is to offer tend to get the most out of their experience in comparison to those who choose to merely be a spectator.  Regardless of how much you choose to participate, there are some core values that we feel all attendees should known and understand before walking in the gates:


RADICAL SELF EXPRESSION: We are all unique, passionate people. There is a fire that burns inside all of us… but is time to let that fire out so that it shines brightly for all to see. Over the past few years, we have seen people express themselves in so many ways. Feel free to be yourself. Wear what you want. Dance how you want. Talk to who you want. You are free to give the gift of yourself to others. Just be sure to be respectful to the rights and boundaries of your recipients.

RADICAL SELF RELIANCE: Discover, arrange and rely on your own resources. Preparedness is both important & sexy!  “Don’t Be A D*ck” by assuming that others will take care of you.

PARTICIPATION:   While anyone can be a spectator, Dreamscape is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing life like you have never done before.  We are all responsible for shaping an amazing experience. We do our best to remove restrictions in our events and encourage full on participation in themes, workshops, and interacting with each other. Removing hesitation and maintaining a focus on the energy around us puts us all on a unified platform, allowing for that energy to flow as it may which has been entirely positive as we have seen in the past few years!

LEAVE NO TRACE: We take pride in leaving venues in better condition than before we started. We expect that everyone has the sensibility to not litter, to clean up after themselves, and to respect the venues as well as the Earth. YOU (as a camper & guest on our grounds) are responsible for keeping your campsite clean at all times, packing trash out at the end of the festival, and for keeping something on hand to put your cigarette butts into so they don’t end up on the ground.

 GIFTING: This is the act of making someone’s day… by doing things for another without expectation of compensation or return. When possible, we throw free events to give something special to everyone. We encourage our patrons to give to each other in any way they can. It’s a great feeling to be able to pull resources together and know that we’re making a difference in people’s lives. 

ACCEPTANCE & INCLUSION:  We all seek to be accepted for who we choose to be.  We are subject to continual judgment in the outside world but you are free to express yourself and know that you will be accepted.  On the other hand, you must also be accepting of the differences & choices of others and not pass judgment.  We are a family built included one another and supporting each other every step of the way.

RESPECT & MINDFULNESS:  We are a community that is based on trust, love and understanding.  Be mindful of your actions at all times to make sure that you are respecting those around you.  Sometimes this can be forgotten in a party environment but it can eat away at all we work so hard for.  Also remembers that all members of society expect to be treated fairly regardless of what they do or how they choose to dress (or not dress at all in some cases).  Basically “Don’t Be A D*ck!”

CONSENT:  Be mindful about your interactions and pay attention to ensure you are not invading someone’s comfort zone.  This includes anything from what you say & what you share to the act of touch.

While all of these principles are exercised at all of our festivals, they are an ethos that can be taken into “real life” and applied to make the world a better, more positive place.  The change must start from within you.

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