Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a ticket for Friday arrival does that mean I can arrive at midnight on Thursday?
Entry time is 10am on the date that your ticket was purchased for.  If you wish to arrive prior to 10am on the day specified on your ticket then you will be required to upgrade or pay the additional fee at the gate.

Is camping required?
All admission tickets to the festival include complimentary camping.  Whether you choose to camp is purely up to you!  Some patrons prefer to stay at a hotel or at their houses if close by & that’s fine with us!

How do I change camping sites? 
Log in to your Eventbrite to make this change if you purchased your ticket through them.   Detailed instructions are at:

How do I change the name on my ticket or transfer to someone else?
Log in to  your Eventbrite account to make this change.  Instructions at:

How do I get to New Camp from Hilltop?
We are running shuttles from 11am each day until 3am each night.  The final shuttle leaves New Camp to return to Hilltop at 3am nightly.  One shuttle will remain on call each night after 3am but there is no guarantee on wait time.

Can I car camp in New Camp?
Car Camping is available for patrons with Hilltop tickets only.  Vehicles are not permitted inside New Camp.  New Camp has a general parking lot across Route 26.

How will I get my luggage from New Camp parking into the actual camp itself?
We’ve got you covered!  Shuttles and luggage trailers will transport you.  If you don’t have much to carry you may be permitted to cross the highway and proceed directly into camp which is a short walk.  This will be at the discretion of the traffic control team & security.

Can I bring my trailer?
Yes, but you must purchase an RV add-on upgrade for trailers of any size.

Are there showers?
Showers are available inside Main Camp only for attendees who are camping there.  It costs $1 per 7 minute shower.

How do the shuttles work? Will they be like Big Dub?
The shuttle system will not be like Big Dub.  In fact next year’s Big Dub will not have shuttles run in the same way again either.  Our shuttles are street legal shuttles that will take you between camps using public roadways.  In the event the river crossing is very shallow we may utilize the venue’s school bus to get people between camps even faster, however our street legal shuttles will operate 100% as advertised.

Where can we spin fire?
Approved fire spinning areas are by the labyrinth in Hilltop and near the bonfire in New Camp.  These areas will be marked off in a circle to help aid in a perimeter.  Fire spinners MUST follow proper protocol and bring own fire extinguisher, blanket, and safety/spotter.

Is there any entertainment on Thursday?
Thursday is a chill night with an early arrival made available to those who wish to have a less hectic time getting to the festival and setting up paired with the ability to get the best camping spot before anyone else.  This is a great night to meet new people and enjoy chill campfire vibes before the real party starts on Friday.

Is Main Camp a quiet/sober camp?
Main Camp is shared with another event hosted by Four Quarters.  This is due to our abrupt change in venues from our original destination.  We ask all Main Camp patrons to be respectful of the Four Quarters event.  While we encourage everyone to have fun, moderation is integral in Main Camp as families will be around.  We simply ask everyone to be chill and respectful.  Anyone with Main Camp is welcome to register for the Feast of Dead which will take place in the Stone Circle for $15.  This is an honoring of loved ones who have passed, which is essentially what Halloween is all about & why it exists.

Will wristbands be mailed to us?
All wristbands will be picked up at your corresponding gate.

How will we get our tickets if we purchased a payment plan?
E-tickets will be emailed the weekend prior to the festival.