October 26 & 27, 2018
Four Quarters190 Walker Ln Artemas PA
Countdown To Nightmare 2018


Nightmare Festival is hosted at Four Quarters at 190 Walker Lane Artemas PA.  New Camp, which is the PRIMARY camping location has a different parking lot and gate which is located at 641 Clear Ridge Rd Artemas PA


Gate Information

THURSDAY 1:00PM – 12:00AM  (you must have a Thursday Upgrade Add-on in addition to a Friday arrival ticket)
FRIDAY Oct 26th  10:00AM – 12:00AM
SATURDAY Oct 27th 10:00AM – 10:00PM
SUNDAY Oct 28th – no music, clean-up day, camp exodus at 3PM

Camp Fires & Grills

You may bring a fire pit to burn firewood. You may NOT bring outside firewood. You may also NOT burn wood outside of a pit. Using a pit helps us to preserve the land. NO FIRE OR ASH MAY TOUCH THE GROUND AT ANY POINT.  Grills of any kind are allowed, provided no fire or ash touches the ground.  Firewood is available for purchase on site.  DO NOT bring firewood from outside the campgrounds. This is a hazard to the plants, insects & animals indigenous to the land as it could introduce other organisms into the land that were not previously there.

– Have tickets & ID ready.
– You will park your car while you register, have ID checked, get ticket scanned,  and obtain your wristband
– You will get back in your vehicle to proceed to event parking.
– Parking is $30 per car, one time fee which covers the whole weekend (approx $15/day)

Re-entry is permitted, however a $10 per car re-entry fee will apply.


All events hosted by either Proper Ops or Four Quarters have an anti-drug policy.  This includes Nightmare Festival.  Do not risk doing anything that will put yourself, your friends, or the festival in the way of harm.  It is a violation of festival rules to engage in substance abuse.  Anyone caught selling or assisting will be tracked down & turned over to the police.

Prohibited Items & Rules

    • NO Illegal Substances, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
    • NO Pets (see below for service animal policy)
    • NO Laser Pointers
    • NO Glass (all glass will be confiscated at the gate – people walk barefoot here!  Put your beverages in a plastic container before arrival)
    • NO Stickers, Flyers, Markers, or Spray Paint
    • NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, Flame-throwing Dildos, etc.)
    • NO Professional Recording Equipment Without Permit– Photo, Video, or Audio
    • NO firewood from outside the premises (firewood is available for purchase from cafe)
    • NO un-approved amplified sound equipement.  “Renegade” DJ stages or un-approved camps with sound will have their equipment confiscated. No exceptions. (BRING DRUMS & ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS THOUGH TO PLAY AROUND THE NIGHTLY BONFIRE!)
    • NO megaphones. They will be confiscated.
    • NO bad attitudes or negative vibes.  People who are being disruptive to the positive atmosphere may be asked to leave
    • NO unwanted touching or unwanted approaching – HAVE RESPECT for others.
    • NO Drones – Anyone caught flying a drone without a permit will be removed from the festival


For persons with mobile disabilities, we recommend New Camp camping which will give you close proximity between your vehicle and camp site.



Our Service Animal/Dog policy at Four Quarters is taken directly from Federal Statute and regulatory
law. Our plain English policy is stated below.
* Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law.
* Emotional Support Animals are not Service Animals, and are not permitted at Four Quarters.
* Service Animals in training are not Service Animals under Federal Law and only when wearing a “Service Animal” marked vest.
* Service Animals shall have physical identifiers such as registration tags, the presence of a labeled
harness or “the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal.”
* In the case of an un-identified Service Animal, we shall ask two questions.
Is this animal required because of a disability?
What work or task has this animal been trained to perform?
* The service animal must at all times be tethered to and in the full control of their human team
* A Service Animal may never be handled by or tethered to a person other than their human team
* The Service Animal must always be in “Full Stay” command position when not performing the
service for which they have been trained.
* The Service Animal must be fully trained to urinate or defecate only on the command of their human
team member.
* In order to be considered a “Service Dog” under U.S. federal law, a dog must be partnered with an
individual with a disability AND perform specific, trained task work to mitigate that disability. Task
work is not optional. If a dog doesn’t perform task work, it is not a Service Dog.
In closing, if your Service Animal is registered, wearing a marked Service Animal Vest and fully
trained; you will find our staff and attendees very supportive of your teams presence here at Four
Quarters. Welcome!



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