Nightmare Festival Announces Its Relocation To Four Quarters

Sometimes in life, change is necessary. Whether we want that change or not, it is essential to one’s ability to grow and thrive. This year is our year of change and rebirth.

A festival over Fourth of July weekend held at Camp Ramblewood experienced several arrests within the event, invoking a recently passed Harford County law specifically designed to  prevent the campground from hosting large scale festivals for a full year. Ramblewood has been our home since the humble beginnings of this festival, and this news absolutely broke our hearts.

Nightmare Festival is responding by relocating to Four Quarters, which has greeted our own Big Dub Festival with open arms over the years.  Our preliminary meetings with Four Quarters indicate a promising year for Nightmare Festival with exciting preparations being made to maintain the biggest Halloween Festival in the Northeast. We truly believe that the changes & adaptations that we are planning will make you, our family, very happy.

A more detailed press release is coming within the next week to explain any notable changes in more detail. Anyone who has pre-paid for cabins for this season will be refunded immediately.

Tickets will still go on sale August 2nd as previously scheduled.  View all ticketing options at