Nightmare Climate Preparations

Nightmare Festival is a cold weather festival, but that doesn’t mean you need to freeze!  Both TheVoid and Gateway To Hell stages will be tented for Nightmare at Four Quarters this year in the event of any precipitation.  The weather forecast has been changing continually so it is hard to tell until festival day hits.  Here are some cost effective preparations you can make to ensure the festival to the fullest.

Costumes are important for Halloween, but you may need to face the reality that once the sun sets you will want to start putting on warm clothing.  Day time temperatures tend to be fairly good at Nightmare Festival which allows for several hours of showing off your best!

Dressing Warm
3 layers minimum is a good idea, especially at night.  A thermal layer is a perfect base, followed by a middle layer, followed by something like a sweater or sweatshirt.  You can peel off as needed.  Gloves, hats, and a second pair of socks are recommended as your body loses 30% of its heat through your head, hands, and feet.  If you can dress warm then you have knocked out 80% of the prep work for cold weather survival, especially because you can sleep in these layers.

Sleepy Time
The best way to stay warm overnight is to use an actual sleeping bag.  These are designed to insulate & retain heat where blankets lose heat from the tiny cracks.  Extra blankets on top of a sleeping bag will always help.  If you must use blankets then you will want to prepare by following the rule of adding one extra blanket per every 10 degrees below 65 degrees.  Putting some sort of padding under where you sleep will also help.   Sleeping next to someone (or multiple people) will actually significantly raise the temperature around you and almost act like a heater.

So far we’e listed some very cheap or free things you can do to survive like a pro!  Some other ideas include:

$50 may sound like a bit much for a heater but this will save the day for you.  Don’t tell anyone we told you but if you save the receipt, keep the box, and make it look like you never used it then you may qualify for a return.  Or you can keep it on hand for every future Nightmare Festival you attend!  Home Depot & Lowes all sell these.


Bring plastic bags to store your clothing or soft goods.  Storage containers work too.  Also be sure to tarp under your tent as well as over it.  Extra bonus for bringing a canopy.  Extra socks & clothes is a good idea as well as weather proof shoes/boots.