Nightmare Festival Tickets On Sale!

Tickets are already selling fast for Nightmare Festival and the forecast says we are in for our most epic year ever!  CLICK HERE for discounted tickets and then read below for a few improvements for this year.

Improvements to this year


We’ve had a tough time over the years finding a security company that lived up to our standards. We have now found a crew that will be working all of our festivals who are not only licensed & bonded, but they are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They are there to uphold our policies & keep you safe but in a respectful manner.



We’ve also had past issues with noise ordinance violations in the past. We used Dreamscape this past year as a test to see if a new ideology would work in our favor and we were pleased to report that all stages were able to run full blast all the way up until the 11pm noise ordinance. Even after the ordinance kicked in we used new tuning methods that gave the audience the sound quality they deserved without sacrificing much of the production or creating local noise complaints.



We cannot control the weather, however global warming trends have actually made the festival more comfortable the past two years. 2017 has been proving that the seasonal shift is continuing as we saw spring weather arrive nearly 4 weeks late. We expect to see higher temperatures again this year at Nightmare Festival.



The main stage last year got so packed that we could not contain the entire crowd. We will be closely monitoring ticket sales and capacity this year. If sales warrant it, we will open a much larger main stage with room to hold the entire festival.



We guarantee that this year there will be little to no wait at all. We figured out a procedure that really worked at Dreamscape festival and will be implementing that procedure going forward. It was fast & easy for our patrons and that is our goal!