Friday Rain Contingency

What’s up witches?!?

We’re excited to be back at Ramblewood. We want to make sure everyone has the best time possible. With that, comes preparing for the rain that is happening for tonight, Friday Oct 29th. Thankfully it is forecasted to let up considerably by 3am or 4am.

Our team has prepared in advance by ordering several truckloads of gravel and plenty of hay bales to help protect any high traffic areas in our parking lot or within the festival grounds. We do not want to risk anyone’s safety by opening The Void stage today and will instead be utilizing our indoor stages to host all set times. ALL ARTISTS WILL PLAY!

Please observe the revised set times for today, Friday Oct 29th, in the image below. Saturday looks amazing and we are confident that our weather contingencies will protect against any major disruptions!

Please do not try to move your vehicle from its parking spot during Friday’s rainfall to avoid wearing the grass down into mud.