Themes, Stages, and Haunts!

Camp Ramblewood is where our festival thrives! We’ll provide an explanation of each area in the descriptions below.

The Void: open air stage fits up to 5000 people and surrounded by all of our haunts as well as the Incendia Dome experience.

The Warehouse: our largest indoor space fits up to 2000 people and decked out with black & white “Beetlejuice” and surreal decorations. The back of this space will be used for a special selection of live painters & other art.

Skinwalker Ranch: it may be our smallest stage but we spare no expense in creating an immersive environment both inside and out with decorations themed for what would happen if there was a terrifying alien force abound. This stage also runs that latest.

Hi-Score: video game lounge with several stations & consoles, hosted in the pavilion on the way to the lake. The stage will be themed out with ghouls, skeletons,cadavers, cob webs, and other spooky accents to give you a traditional Halloween feel.

UFO Crash: an alien UFO has crashed outside of Skinwalker Ranch! This area will have live aliens, theatrical performances, live alien art, and interactive elements such as huge alien spaceship pods that you can climb into (perfect for photo ops!)

The Graveyard: suddenly a graveyard has appeared at Camp Ramblewood on the way to The Void stage if coming from the letter cabins or The Warehouse. Huge tombstones and mausoleums will be haunted with live actors and animatronics to give you the Halloween creeps.

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